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No more texting, calling or Facebook groups

Team Pulse offers you all the necessary features to manage your team within a single application



Follow your players' availability for each training session, adapt your sessions accordingly and manage your match invitations


Don't waste any more time making the call every week, with its automatic callback system, Team Pulse does it for you


Share information and photos on your team's wall and prevent them from getting lost in a message flow like on Messenger


Manage or become a member of as many teams as you wish. Ideal if you play and coach in two different teams for example

How do you build your team ?

To get started, download the application, then create an account with your email address or via Facebook. Next :



  • Create your team

    To create your team, choose a sport, an age category and a team name. Finally, select a postal code corresponding to your training location

  • Configure your events

    You can either add recurring events, i.e. events that will automatically repeat themselves every week (perfect for your training sessions), or add one-off events that will only take place on a given date (useful for meetings, early season training sessions, etc.). You can also add match-type events to summon your players and announce your composition on the team wall

  • Invite your players

    Once the team creation is complete, you must invite your players to join it. To do so, share your team's invitation code via SMS, Messenger or other (each team is identified by a unique and customizable code)

  • Search and join your team

    Using the code transmitted by your coach or one of your teammates, search for your team and join it

  • Wait until you get in

    You are close to the goal, but it is necessary that your coach accepts you in the team. Wait until he validates your request. You will be notified when this is done

  • Accept your players

    When one of your players wants to join the team, the application sends you a notification. All you have to do is accept or refuse it 😉

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our application, please consult the FAQ by clicking on the button below

Consult our FAQ

About us

As a footballer and basketball player from a very young age, we know that managing a sports team can sometimes be complicated.
With Team Pulse we have tried to create a tool that can save you time as a coach, but also as a player, so that you will no longer be bothered by the thankless management tasks that come with the life of a team


Nicolas Prugne

Co-founder of Team Pulse - CTO
Software engineer graduated from ISIMA Clermont-Ferrand


Kévin Perrotta

Co-founder of Team Pulse - CPO
Software engineer graduated from Télécom Saint-Etienne


Arnaud Bailly

Strategic Direction - CEO
Engineer graduated from CPE Lyon


Timothée Leporini

Student at IPAG Business School

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